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We manage $200 million in premiums for more than 2,200 employers statewide.

As Washington’s leading full-service risk-management consultant, we offer the services and expertise you need to save on premiums, manage losses, and win more favorable claims outcomes. We’ll help you administer your worker’s compensation plan, improve safety practices, keep injured workers on the job, and lower insurance costs.
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Saving companies money for over 25 years.

Every day, we help hundreds of companies like yours manage L&I risks and claims. Since 1992, we’ve delivered premium refunds 41 percent greater than average— over $500 million in all, or a quarter of all refunds in Washington state. Our favorite statistic? Our client retention rate of 98 percent.
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leadership team

Samantha Lipoma


At Approach:
Since 1997
Nurturing client relationships, overseeing operations and guiding strategy. Sam has maintained nearly 100 percent client retention while at AMS.
Grew up in:
Formative experience:
Seeing KISS in fifth grade. (Sam has been to more than 75 rock concerts.)
Reading, growing flowers.
When she's 70:
She hopes to have a field of flowers to tend.

Mark Henderson

Executive Vice President

At Approach:
Since 2004
Deep IT knowledge honed by working for several Fortune 500 companies and running his own IT consulting business before joining Approach.
Grew up in:
Favorite animal:
Dogs, because of their unrequited love and loyalty.
With a month off:
He'd relax beside a lake or ocean, catching up on his reading.
When he's 70:
Hopes to have time for even more reading next to a lake or ocean.

Jamie Graham

Senior Managing Director, Claims

At Approach:
Since 2004
Where did you grow up?
I am a true Seattleite. I grew up in North Seattle and I love living in the Pacific Northwest.
My favorite hobby is a combination of horseback riding, reading, photography and hiking.
With a month off:
If I had a month off I would go on a road trip and travel to all of the places in the United States that I've always wanted to see.
When she's 70:
When I’m 70 years old I hope I will be retired, happy, healthy and giving everyone a run for their money.

Michael Tsukada

Managing Director, transportation retrospective ratings group

At Approach:
Since 1995.
Workers’ compensation cost-control management and L&I refunds. Before joining Approach, Michael specialized as a vocational program manager and vocational rehabilitation counselor, coordinating return-to-work services for injured workers from a variety of employers.
Grew up in:
New Rochelle, NY ("Next door to Rob and Laura Petrie.")
Number of siblings:
Several fewer than Genghis Khan.
With a month off:
He would work on his house, play and travel.
When he's 70:
Hopes to be lowering his golf score and still playing basketball.

Steve Heist

Safety Director

At Approach:
Since 2013.
Construction industry safety, honed over a long career including several years as a site safety specialist with GLY Construction and six years at the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries’ Division of Occupational Safety and Health.
Grew up in:
Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Hawaii, California, and Edmonds. (Can you tell Steve was a Navy brat?)
Worst job:
Manufacturing Honeybuckets. In Phoenix. In the summer.
With a month off:
He'd travel the U.S. by car.
Favorite animal:
When he’s 70:
Hopes his Social Security benefits will still be waiting for him.
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