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4 Ways to Protect Against Workers’ Comp Fraudsters

The vast majority of workplace accidents are just that – an unfortunate event that happened to a good employee working for a responsible company. Usually, the injured worker and the company are both looking forward to full recovery and a quick return to the regular job. 



However, some individuals look forward to using the workers’ comp system as a means to gain unpaid time off, expensive settlements, and more.

They often feel that their actions are harmless because the cost is absorbed by “the system,” but a dishonest claim can easily cost your company thousands of dollars, years after the claim is filed.

Here are four good ways to protect your company from potential workers’ comp fraudsters:


1. Make sure you have a thorough application and interview process that includes:

          Application form with full work history
          Background checks
          Reference requests and checks


2. Consider checking social media before making a job offer, but be wary of the risks and benefits


3. Develop strong reporting and investigative policies

          This shows a commitment to managing workers’ comp claims and creating a safe work environment, to disrupt abuse of the system


4. Don’t wait for a claim to be filed – quickly investigate and document all incidents at your workplace

          Fraudsters are counting on lax follow-up, so be vigilant and maintain ongoing contact


Always maintain positive contact with the employee and keep the door of communication open as much as possible. Every injured employee wants to know that their employer cares about what happened and has an interest in their recovery. Finally, be patient, as even straightforward claims can take time and diligence to reach a successful final closure.


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