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ABC's of DOSH Inspection

Inspectors are looking for violations and establishing HECK. Is there a Hazard and are employees Exposed to the hazard, is there a Code that addresses the hazard, and does the person in charge Know that a hazard exists.



Inspectors begin noting hazards immediately as they approach the worksite, they are looking for unsafe conditions/actions visible from the street. The inspectors will conduct an opening conference and then walk the jobsite with management labor representation.


There are five triggers that cause inspections:

  1. Imminent Danger - Serious hazards
  2. Fatality/Accident - In most cases the company will be inspected.
  3. Complaints/Referrals - Complaints are from employees/Referrals come from any other source
  4. Scheduled Inspections - Industries or businesses with high claims and hazards
  5. Follow up from a prior inspection


Best practice is to have all of you involved in safety on the worksite and if you see a co-worker who forgot to tie off or put on safety glasses we want you to say something to them. All of you have the authority to eliminate safety hazards, we want you to actively identify and eliminate safety hazards at all times.

In order for our company be appropriately represented if an inspector approaches you it is best to state:


"I am not an authorized representative of (Your Company Name). We have a strict policy to follow regarding inspections. Just one moment please while I make a call." You can then call the safety manager and designated representative(s) who are (List names of who employees should call. 


The inspector’s job is to find and eliminate hazards in our workplace and prevent accidents, you also should have this attitude. "We want to find and eliminate hazards to make a difference." When interacting with the inspector be prepared, professional, and courteous. If a hazard can be corrected immediately then correct it.


Note: If the inspector has noted a serious hazard such as no fall protection being worn they will want to address this immediately.


The inspector may talk in private with individual employees, as well as employee representatives concerning working conditions. You do have the right to a private interview, but you also have the right to request someone to sit in during the interview such as a union representative, safety committee member, another employee, or a management representative of their choice.


The final action of the inspector is to issue his findings where DOSH may or may not issue a citation with monetary penalties depending on the results of the inspection. Looking out for yourself and your co-workers and helping keep your worksite safe will help eliminate any monetary penalty after a DOSH compliance inspection.


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