A look Back at 2017: 14 Fatal Lessons to Learn From

We started a new year, and it looks to be a continued year of a sustained growth in the economy and employment.

Reflecting back can help us to refocus our safety efforts and priorities.
A sobering way to look back is review those that lost their lives in the workplace

The following incidents in 2017 are workplace accidents that had fatal consequences.
We can use these as discussion points, to help us learn and hopefully keep ourselves and our co-workers safe in 2019.

  • An equipment operator was crushed between arm and the bucket and cab of a skid-steer loader.
  • A supervisor of trucking operations at a construction company was attempting to hook-up a belly dump trailer when the trailer slipped, and he was pinned between two dump trailers.
  • A worker unhooking a lowboy trailer was struck by the trailer when it fell on him.
  • A siding contractor was working from a stepladder on the third floor of an apartment building being constructed. He fell from the stepladder and went over the open side of the building, landing 27 feet below on the ground.
  • An employee at an asphalt plant fell 71 feet down an asphalt mixing conveyor
  • A framer preparing to install trusses fell 20 feet from the top plate of a second story house under construction
  • A roofer was cleaning a roof of a warehouse when he fell 30 feet through a skylight
  • An excavator operator was using the excavator to dig up the root system of a large tree when the tree fell on the excavator cab, crushing him.
  • An equipment operator was operating a compact roller at a construction site when he fell from the operator’s seat and was struck by the roller.
  • A painter was working from a 24-foot extension ladder to paint a house. As he was painting a window frame, the ladder became displaced, and he fell 17 feet.
  • A construction worker was working from a ladder when he extended his reach and fell 18 feet to the ground.
  • An ironworker fell 24 feet through an unguarded skylight opening of a building under construction.
  • A carpenter was on the roof a new school gym. Before leaving work for the day, he was walking across the roof. He stepped on protective paper that was covering a roof opening. The paper gave way and he fell through the opening landing 19 feet below.
  • An ironworker was installing rebar when he fell 9 stories.

These 14 workers unfortunately did not celebrate the New Year but became a fatal static for 2017.  Be aware of our surroundings, don’t take short cuts and have the proper training, we can make 2019 a better year!!       Be careful, stay alert – don’t get hurt!

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