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Our Risk-Management Services

Retrospective Rating Programs

A state-sponsored program where you can get annual refunds on your workers’ compensation premium.


Receive annual “safety checkups” at your location, plus on-call response for accidents and inspections.

Workers' Comp Management

Gain a dedicated coordinator to provide full service claims management from filing to closure.

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What does Approach do?

It’s inevitable. If you operate a business in Washington state and have employees, you deal with workers’ compensation. Without a roadmap or guidance, the process can be overwhelming.

We’re here to manage your workers’ compensation claims and save you money on L&I costs.

As the state’s number one workers’ comp administrator, Approach Management Services can fast-track your claims and save you years of expensive “lessons-learned”. We’ve already helped thousands of Washington state business owners since 1992, and we’d be honored to work with you too.

How we do it.

We focus on workplace safety and prevention.

In this increasingly fast-paced world, being a safety compliance expert isn’t realistic for the modern business owner who is already wearing many hats. That’s where our safety team can help you establish programs, prevent expensive citations, and represent you during inspections.

When a claim does happen, our superior claims managers – who know the workers’ comp process inside and out – work diligently to close the claim quickly, limiting your financial exposure.

In addition, we manage retrospective rating programs (aka retro groups) which gives employers an opportunity to earn a partial refund of their annual L&I premium.

Who we work with.

Whether you want help managing your workers’ comp claims, reduce the premiums you pay L&I, or to join a retro group for potential annual refunds, Approach Management Services will help you. We work with companies of all sizes in various industries.