A look Back at 2018: 13 Fatal Lessons to Learn From


The fatalities listed below are only 13 of the 67 deaths that occurred as a result of industrial injuries in Washington State in 2018.

There is a common theme that runs through many of these fatalities, but ladder safety and fall protection are big drivers of these deaths. Click on the hyperlinks for tools to help train and prevent these types of injuries.


12/31/18 A worker in King county died after falling from a scaffold while climbing in between the space of the building and the scaffold. Scaffold Safety

12/3/18 A laborer employed by a gutter cleaning service in Clark county was working from a ladder cleaning a gutter on a building when he fell. Ladder Safety

10/17/18 A self-employed window washer in Spokane county was fatally injured after falling four stories while cleaning windows. Fall Protection Safety

9/2/18   A supermarket manager in Spokane county was descending a stepladder when he missed a rung on the ladder and fell, striking his head on the concrete floor. Ladder Safety

5/31/2018 A construction contractor in Whatcom county working on a commercial remodeling project fell 6 feet from a ladder, landing on concrete below. Ladder Safety

5/22/18 A carpenter in King County fell 35 feet from a concrete column while installing concrete girders for a light rail project. Fall Protection Safety

5/14/18 A delivery driver in King County was using a forklift to unload a delivery of stone blocks from his truck to a new construction residence. The truck was parked on a steep angle street and as he was unloading the forklift rolled on its side, crushing him. Forklift Safety

5/14/18 A drywall contractor in King County was using a scissor lift to install drywall on a garage. He had temporarily removed one of the lift’s side guardrails. While working from the lift’s platform he tripped backwards and fell the opening in the guardrail and landed 12 feet below. Aerial Lift Safety

4/8/18   An aircraft service technician in Snohomish County was preparing an aircraft for fueling when he fell 7 feet from a step ladder. Ladder Safety

3/8/18   A worker in King County working on a 2-story house was fatally injured after falling 18 feet while installing a metal roof system. Fall Protection Safety

2/9/18   A laborer at a hay processing plant in Kittitas County was inside a hay press cleaning it when the machine activated, and he was struck by part of the machinery. Lock out Tag Out Safety  

1/31/18 A self-employed roofer in Benton county was climbing a ladder to access a roof. He was carrying an object in one hand and as he attempted to get onto the roof from the ladder, he fell 10 feet to the ground. Ladder Safety

1/4/18 The owner of a campground in Whatcom County fell 15 feet from a ladder. Ladder Safety


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