Two types of construction work, which usually require a great deal of public protection, are new residential developments and highway work. Both should require modifying the existing traffic patterns and, more importantly, the existing driving habits of the public.

Today we will discuss the use of barricades and signs.

 Types of Accidents

  • Collision with construction equipment such as forklifts or trucks.
  • Collision with other vehicles.
  • Pedestrians (both construction workers and visitors) falling into excavations.
  • Driving into excavations.
  • Driving into work areas.
  • Loss of control of vehicle due to changes in road conditions.

 Types of Warning Devices

  • Signs
  • Cones
  • Drums
  • Barricades
  • Channeling devices such as barrier walls
  • Flashing lights

 General Rules

  • Give the public plenty of warning by use of signs
  • Make sure warning devices can be seen and are effective
  • Use flaggers on narrow passages, one-way passages, or when construction vehicles will be interacting with the public traffic flow
  • Maintain all barricades and signs
  • Give the construction area a buffer area
  • Be sure you clearly mark the beginning and end of the construction area.


There are numerous specific rules for signs, barricades, and warning device usage. It is important we use all types of warning devices to protect us and the public around our construction site(s).

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