Horseplay leads to many injuries and property loss incidents in the United States every year. A quick internet search will show you hundreds of these types of incidents.
Enjoy the work that you do, but your work should always be completed safely and responsibly.

Some companies condone and provide resources to employees to horseplay and have fun, but many companies have a zero tolerance for it in their workplace. While horseplay may seem innocent and fun it can lead to devastating consequences.


  • A guy pulls the chair from beneath a coworker as he goes to sit.
    The victim falls and bruises his tailbone and cannot properly walk for weeks.
  • A man decides it would be funny to blow an air horn in a coworker’s ear. This action ruptures the victim’s eardrum, requiring medical attention.
  • A worker decides to jump on the side of a piece of equipment and catch a ride. The operator hits a bump at a fast speed to scare the other worker. The worker falls off and is run over by the equipment and dies.


  • If your company condones or allows some type of horseplay know the limits. Just because it is allowed does not mean it cannot lead to an incident.
  • Stay busy at work. Excessive downtime often leads to horseplay or other activities to pass the time that can distract workers from tasks going on around them.
  • Do not initiate horseplay. You do not want to be the one responsible for an injury, fatality, or property damage incident in your workplace.
  • If others around you are taking part or initiating horseplay, report it to a supervisor. Do not just turn a blind eye. An incident can have a huge effect on you, your job, and the company depending on the severity of the incident.


  • Have you ever witnessed horseplay lead to an injury or a property damage incident on a job?

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