Night work is difficult, especially with the visibility of pedestrians. Construction workers typically wear high visibility garments. Pedestrians rarely wear high-visibility garments, which can create increased risk at the job site during the night.

Keeping the Public Safe

  • Use physical barriers around the job site.
  • If physical barriers are not feasible, post a worker to alert them to possible problems.
  • Provide adequate lighting in traffic areas.
  • If sidewalks are rerouted, ensure they have a clearly defined alternate route.
  • Blocked routes, alternate crossings, and sign and signal information should be communicated.
  • Provide a convenient and accessible ADA alternative path.

Conflicts and Communication

  • Give directions that are clear, firm, and courteous.
  • Smile and be as pleasant as possible.
  • Apologize for the inconvenience to the pedestrians.
  • Agree with the pedestrians, or at least do not challenge them.
  • Avoid extended eye contact.

Working with the public can take time and effort. Sometimes a full-time Law Enforcement Officer is needed. If there is a problem, report it to your supervisor immediately.

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