Personal care means making positive choices that enhance your physical, mental, and spiritual health. This includes things like exercising, eating healthy, keeping sharp mentally, and putting an end to unhealthy habits such as smoking.

Personal care not only aids in maintaining overall health but can also help reduce workplace injuries.
It is important to emphasize all areas of personal care. Exercise programs that include resistance training (weightlifting) help build muscle and bone strength making you more resistant to injury.

A combination of healthy eating and exercise will help your body heal if an injury does occur. Staying sharp mentally will help you to identify potential worksite hazards and make quick decisions. Finally, you should try to build and maintain a circle of trusted friends, family, and acquaintances who will look out for you on and off the worksite.

Tips for personal care

  • Being physically fit helps mental acuity. Exercise helps blood flow to the brain and reduce stress.
  • Learning new skills and performing challenging tasks helps exercise the brain
  • Alcohol is not the only substance that can inhibit judgement. Many prescriptions and over the counter drugs can slow decision making and reaction times. You should always check with a pharmacist and/or your supervisor if it is safe to work while using certain medications.
  • Make personal goals for your own wellness. It will help you focus on improvement.

Personal Conduct

Personal conduct refers to how you behave and act in the workplace. Good personal conduct comes from being respectful, honest, and mindful of others.
Your personal conduct shows who you are as a person, so avoid negative workplace behaviors and maintain a positive and respectful workplace.


Harassment is conduct, comments, actions or gestures that have a lasting, harmful effect on workers. This includes things like yelling at others, swearing, starting rumors or any unwelcome physical contact. Harassment can also be unintentional. Humor and jokes are good for worker morale but should not put anyone in harm’s way emotionally or physically. Things like shaking a co-worker’s ladder or shooting compressed air at him/her can result in serious injury. Do not take any risks with the safety of others.

Other Tips for Personal Conduct

  • Showing up on time gives the impression that you care about your job.
  • Try to stay positive whenever possible. Your positive attitude will wear off on others making work more pleasant for everyone.
  • Maintain a composure when resolving conflict. If you lose control you may end up saying or doing something you will regret.
  • Try to help others whenever possible. Your supervisors will notice your positive attitude.


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