Each year in the U.S., falls from ladders result in more than 160,000 injuries and 300 deaths.

Those numbers are unacceptably high, because with a little education on proper use, those figures could be much lower.

So, let’s cover some overlooked basics for ladder safety.

  • Inspect the ladder before using it to make sure it’s in good condition
  • Make sure the base of the ladder is level and secure
  • For every 4 feet in height, set the ladder’s base 1 foot out from the wall – this simple 4-1 ratio eliminates the risk of falling backward
  • Ensure the ladder is extended a minimum of 3 feet above the landing place, for an easier, safer exit
  • Secure the top of the ladder to the landing place
  • Don’t stand on the top two steps, or above the highest standing level
  • Carry tools in a tool belt, not in your hand
  • Keep at least 3 points of contact when working on ladder (either 2 hands and 1 foot, or 2 feet and 1 hand)
  • Wear flat, closed-toe shoes with non-slip soles
  • Always face the ladder when climbing up or down

Take these tips to heart when you pull out a ladder and share them with others—we can reduce the number of accidents through awareness.

Until next time, stay positive and stay safe!


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