With the unemployment rate as low as it is today, it’s much more common to see older workers continuing to provide their valuable skills in the workplace.

Older workers represent a true opportunity for employers, in this “knowledge economy”. The retention of older workers gives employers a competitive edge by allowing them to continue to tap a generation of knowledge and skill.  This knowledge and skill can be shared and passed to younger workers.

Young workers who acknowledge and assist older workers, stand to gain valuable work and life experience from prior generations.

These seasoned workers may have experienced some physical changes that can be easily addressed and accommodated.

Examples include:

  • Providing step ladders with handrails to assist with balance. Handrails can help balance for all workers, including the more seasoned.
  • Slowing or reducing overexertion by minimizing over-reaching.
  • Locate workstations closer to tools to avoid excessive reaching.
  • Adjusting computers to show dark text on light backgrounds.
  • Increasing settings for larger text, even on internet browsers. Such capability already is available within existing software and just needs to be turned on.
  • Raising lighting levels in stairwells, especially at the base and top of stairs.
  • Marking the front edges of stairs in white or yellow for better visibility is a great help.

These ideas will benefit all workers no matter their age, but perhaps be of most help to older employees.

Let’s be safe out there!

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