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For specific questions pertaining to Employee Exemptions or Paid Sick Leave Contact:
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• Paid Sick Leave Fact Sheet – Download PDF
• Wage and Hour FAQs – Download PDF
• Paid Sick Leave FAQs – Download PDF

• L&I Paid Sick Leave Website:

• L&I Employer Resource Center –

• L&I Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) RE: Paid Sick Leave

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**When downloading the Sample Policies, please save the document to your desktop to view the Word document

Basic Sample Paid Sick Leave Policy: This sample policy, covers the major elements of the law. It is designed so you can include the optional sample policies below.

NoteIf you use this Basic Sample Paid Sick Leave Policy, an employer’s paid sick leave program must meet or exceed the provisions of the new paid sick leave law, including those contained in RCW 49.46.200, 49.46.210, and all applicable paid sick leave rules (WAC 296-128). This policy is intended for guidance purposes only, and does not outline all the minimum paid sick leave requirements set forth in the state’s paid sick leave law.
Paid Sick Leave Policy (sample policy)

A Reasonable Notice Policy: If you want to require an employee to provide “reasonable notice” for an absence from work for the use of paid sick leave for an authorized purpose.
Reasonable Notice for Use of Paid Sick Leave (sample policy)
Employee Notice for Use of Paid Sick Leave (sample form)

A Verification Policy: If you want to require an employee to provide verification for paid sick leave uses that exceed three consecutive days the employee is required to work.
Verification for Absences Exceeding Three Days (sample policy)
Employee Verification for Authorized Use of Paid Sick Leave for Absences Exceeding Three Days (sample form)

A Shared Leave Policy: If you would like to give your employees the ability to share leave with co-workers.
Shared Paid Sick Leave Program (sample policy)
Employee Request to Donate Paid Sick Leave (sample form)
Employee Request to Receive Shared Paid Sick Leave (sample form)

A Frontloading Policy: If you want to frontload an employee’s paid sick leave balance before it would otherwise accrue.
Frontloaded Paid Sick Leave (sample policy)
Employee Notification of Frontloaded Paid Sick Leave (sample form)

One-time Notification: Employers must provide a one-time notification to each employee of their paid sick leave rights.
Employee Paid Sick Leave Notification form


• Paid Sick Leave Law – Impacts of Initiative1433

For PSL Fact Sheets in different languages – scroll down to the bottom of this website page:

• Paid Sick Leave General FAQs

• Wage and Hour Questions Employers Often Ask


• Adopted Rule Language – Employee Rights and Employer Obligations Rules

• Adopted Rule Language – Enforcement – Retaliation

• Final Chapter 296-128 WAC – Minimum Wages

• Final Chapter 49.46 RCW Minimum Wage Requirements and Labor Standards


• * UPDATED * Your Rights As A Worker Poster – L&I Required Poster

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