Claims 101™

This highly-rated class will teach you the basics of how the workers’ comp and retro process works. Attend Claims 101™ in your area or online to learn who’s who in a workers’ comp claim and what you can do to keep costs as low as possible. We recommend this class for anyone who will be involved in the claims process at your company, including HR professionals, company owners, and safety managers. Many people take this class once a year!

Claims 201

Here’s your chance to learn the tips and tricks that will keep your claims moving in the right direction. The Claims 201 class gives you a deeper look into the management of workers’ comp claims, the financial impact, and potential claim outcomes. You’ll learn strategies that Approach retro coordinators use to mitigate costs. Successful completion of Claims 101™ is a prerequisite for Claims 201.

Brain Trust

Monthly Brain Trusts provide networking and education on a variety of topics from industry experts. Come meet others to enjoy lunch, share advice, and learn the latest on safety and claims at these informative programs.


Many online webinars are held live throughout the year on specialty topics.

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