We’re here to advocate for responsible employers. Approach works in partnership with top industry trade associations to manage their retro programs. We offer the services and expertise needed to save on L&I premiums, manage losses, and win more favorable claims outcomes.

For more than 25 years, we’ve reduced worker’s compensation headaches for our clients, improved safety practices, and assisted injured workers back on the job.

Our Culture

We help employers develop a culture of safety that creates better workplaces and lowers the overall cost of doing business.

And, in an industry known for adversarial relationships, we demonstrate that workers’ comp claims can be managed calmly and professionally to reach a positive outcome for injured workers and employers. Our goal is to help injured workers back to productive, meaningful work as soon as possible.

The relationships with our clients is of the utmost importance, and with a 98% client retention rate, our services are proven to provide the results our customers expect and need.

Saving Companies Money for Over 25 Years

Our data-driven methods consistently deliver premium refunds 41 percent greater than average. In fact, we’ve delivered refunds totaling more than $600 million, or more than a quarter of all refunds ever distributed through the state’s retro program.

Better yet – On average, employers who implement our proven strategies reduce the amount of money they pay to L&I by 9% in three years through their improved experience rating!

Our Employees

Approach provides a history of exceptional services and resources while providing a team of highly experienced professionals who represent the best in the field of workers’ compensation.  Our staff has thorough and extensive knowledge on workers’ comp claims best practices for efficient and cost-effective claim management.

Additionally, each Approach client has a dedicated, full-time retro claims coordinator based in one of our offices – you’ll always know who’s helping you along the way.