It’s crucial for injured employees to return-to-work as quickly as possible. This may mean a light-duty position that is within the medical provider’s restrictions — usually temporarily, sometimes permanently. Either way, Approach is here to help with our easy, three-step program!

The basics of light-duty

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    Contact Us

    Let us know as soon as an accident occurs or a claim is filed. Your Approach Claims Management Consultant will guide you through the process and help you create a light-duty job description.

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    Ask The Provider

    The light-duty work must fit within any medical restrictions outlined by the provider. We’ll submit the job description to the provider for approval.

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    Get Paid

    Our specialist will help your company file for thousands in wage and equipment refunds. We’ve delivered millions to our clients.

Two Types of Light-Duty

Temporary Light-Duty

Many injured employees need to return to a light-duty position for a short time before returning to their usual job. Create a temporary light-duty position for your employee and your company can utilize the Stay-at-Work program.

Our Stay-at-Work Specialist will help you submit for reimbursement. Our clients have earned more than $15.3 million in Stay-at-Work refunds, in addition to their retro refunds!

Permanent Light-Duty

With this program, known as the Preferred Worker Program, your company can earn up to $13,900 in wage and equipment reimbursements when you bring an employee back to an ongoing light-duty position, PLUS special incentives!

Approach was the first administrator to successfully claim reimbursements under this program and remains the most experienced. Let us show you how it works!

Stay-at-Work Program

Use the Stay-At-Work program for temporary light-duty.

Stay-at-Work is a financial incentive program sponsored by L&I to pay employers to help injured employees stay on the job. L&I will reimburse employers for some of their costs when they provide temporary, light-duty jobs for injured employees while they heal.

Eligible employers can be reimbursed for:

  • 50% wage reimbursements, up to $10,000 or 66 days
  • Up to $3,900 for equipment, tools, and clothing

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Find light-duty forms under Return-to-Work in the Client Portal


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Preferred Worker Program

Use the Preferred Worker program for permanent light-duty.

The Preferred Worker Program is another return-to-work incentive program sponsored by L&I.

When a medical provider determines an injured employee has permanent medical restrictions, L&I may certify the employee as a “preferred worker.” This certification enables an employer to receive financial incentives when they hire the employee for a medically-approved, long-term job.

You may receive:

  • 3 years protection from subsequent claims
  • Reduced workers’ comp premium rate
  • 50% wage reimbursements, up to $10,000 or 66 days
  • Up to $3,900 for equipment, tools, and clothing
  • And an additional $10,000 incentive payment after 12 months of continuous employment!



The BEST part - You may qualify for both on the same claim!