How Retro Works

Join a Group

Approach will assist you in applying for membership with the PITB or SMART Association who sponsor state-approved retro groups. Members of a retro group must report hours in similar risk classes (i.e., within the same industry). Approach will walk you through the process step-by-step.

Work Together

The group’s premium is pooled together to cover the cost of claim losses. Every employer in the group commits to robust safety practices and to closely managing their workers’ comp claims. Approach helps you do both, with our safety team and a dedicated claims management consultant.

Earn Refunds

Each year, the group’s premium is re-calculated retroactively (which is how retro gets it’s name). If the group performs well by effectively managing claims and safety practices, the group will be issued a refund of premium paid.

Partnering for success

  1. 1


    Continue to pay your workers’ comp premiums just as you always have. There are no payroll changes or administrative headaches.

  2. 2


    The sponsoring association, PITB or SMART, operate the retro group, approves new participants, and collects membership and participation fees. They also get the best job of all: distributing the refund checks!

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    As a third-party administrator, Approach handles safety and claims on behalf of the association. We work directly with employers to manage their workers’ comp claims. We’re on your side, advocating for your company from claim initiation to closure.

Are you Ready to Take the First Step?

The form below allows us look at your premium history to identify if your company qualifies for retro and if so, calculate an illustration of what you could be saving. This process typically takes 7-10 days.

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