Nurse Case Manager

Our full-time, on-site registered nurse assists our clients with many aspects of claim management, such as putting medical reports in layman’s terms, reviewing disability ratings and assisting with return-to-work and recovery.

She also responds in the event of a serious injury or life-threatening emergency to provide immediate consultation and assistance.

Stay-at-Work specialist

After an accident, the very best thing to do is get the injured worker back on the job as soon as possible. A quick and safe return to work helps workers get better and can save your company thousands of dollars.

Our stay-at-work specialist helps our clients claim special reimbursements, totalling more than $12.5 million and counting!

Ergonomic consultations

Some claims are for Occupational Disease, which is a type of work-related medical condition that usually gets worse as years go by. You can reduce the chance of your workers developing these conditions by making sure they have the proper tools, positioning, and variety of tasks to reduce overuse-type injuries.

The Approach ergonomist can visit your location to advise on workstation setup, provide in-depth training, or to train your staff in the basics of ergonomics.

Vocational services

The costliest claims are often those that go to Vocational Retraining. That’s why we have a vocational specialist on staff to coordinate return-to-work through the development of specialized programs, job analysis, and assessments.

Vocational services can be invaluable in gaining a return to work that mitigates further claims costs and returns the worker to a meaningful position.