The workers’ comp system in Washington state can be daunting for any employer. That’s why more than 1,000 leading employers in Washington turn to Approach for help with safety, claims management, and refunds on their workers’ comp premiums. We’ve made these infographics to help show how the whole system works.

It all starts with safety

Safety is the key to lower workers’ comp costs. Start with a Safety Visit, free for all Approach clients, or call us when you have safety questions.

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If an accident happens…

Thankfully, most accidents and injuries are minor. We’ve seen it all, though, and made this chart to show the process. Good news! Even complex claims can reach a positive conclusion.

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…Return-to-Work is the goal

Having your injured employee back on the job as soon as possible is always the best outcome – for your employee, for the company, and for your industry.


Top Two Strategies


Many employees can return to work right away in a light-duty position. This allows your company to benefit from the Washington Stay-At-Work Program.


When light-duty isn’t possible right away, Kept-on-Salary is the bridge for your employee and your company. A little expense now can prevent huge rate increases later.

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What is Kept-on-Salary (KOS)?

We're with you throughout the claim

6 services included with Approach crisis management

Crisis Response

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Ergonomic Services

HR Help Desk

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Legal Review

Monthly Reports

Nurse Case Management

Vocational Services

Keeping employees on the job

Offering your injured employee a permanent light-duty position can bring claims to a positive conclusion.

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And your insurance rates as low as possible

Everything you do to improve safety and manage claims helps to keep your workers’ comp costs as low as possible.

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