Retrospective Rating Programs

The Retrospective Rating (Retro) Program is a little-known safety incentive program offered by Washington State. In a retro program, your company can earn a partial refund of your workers’ compensation premiums.


Wondering how to keep safety requirements in balance with all of the other challenges of the workday? Our safety team can help you establish programs, train employees, prevent expensive citations, and represent you during inspections.

Workers' Comp Management

When a workers’ comp claim is filed, Approach puts its proven, claims management strategy to work for your company. Our priority is to ensure a safe and speedy return to work. Utilize the strength of our team to help you get the best possible outcome.

On-Staff Experts

You’ll have access to our full-time, on-site registered nurse, vocational specialist, and Stay-at-Work specialist. We’re there to support the injured employee and the company, while ensuring that important steps aren’t missed along the way.

HR Helpdesk

It doesn’t take long for HR questions to come up when a workers’ comp claim is filed. Simply call or email with your HR question for professional advice and documents you need. It’s a great tool for small companies without a full-time HR person or for HR professionals who’d like a second opinion.

Training and Education

Several classes are held statewide on a variety of topics. We also offer online training available 24/7 with over one hundred courses to choose from.

Pathway Program

A option for companies to earn eligibility into a Retrospective Rating (Retro) Group.

Claims Management Service

Not all companies can participate in Retro. Our claims management service is designed to give those companies access to our professional team to improve safety operations and lower workers’ comp insurance premiums.

Return-to-Work Programs

Our proven return-to-work strategies get your employees back on the job and help your company qualify for valuable Stay-At-Work reimbursements from L&I.

Crisis Management

When a serious incident occurs, Approach is there with our 24-hour, on-call crisis management service.

Additional Services


Your dedicated retro coordinator can consult issues with an attorney at no additional charge.


Helping employers reduce the chances of occupational disease caused by repetitive motion or stress.

Educational luncheons – The Brain Trust

Free lunches or webinars, filled with education and networking for workers’ comp professionals.

Vocational services

Invaluable in gaining a return to work that mitigates further claims costs for complex cases, so the claim doesn’t go to vocational retraining

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