Often it is a valued business partner such as a safety consultant, insurance broker or attorney who initially introduces their client to the idea of joining a Retro group.  We created this page to help you have better conversations when discussing the high cost of workers’ compensation. Please contact us if you have a client who may benefit from retro participation or any of our additional services.


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About Retro

  • Washington’s Retrospective Rating Program was established in 1981 as an incentive for employers participating in the State Fund System to lower cost of claims and improve safety operations. Retro operates like a captive insurance program where members reporting in similar risk classes pool premiums and losses to share risk and earn refunds.
  • Retro can be a lucrative cost-savings tool for your clients IF they are committed to working safely and willing to offer injured workers light duty accommodations. Top performers in some of our groups earn refunds of over 50% of their workers’ comp premium.
  • Successful retro participants should see a sustainably low experience factor and enjoy deep discounts on their premium.


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About Approach

Approach is an industry leader providing professional workers’ compensation management services.  Since 1992, Approach has helped employers earn over $740 Million in refunds and serves as the Retro administrator for two Associations – PITB and SMART.  Each Association sponsors three industry retro groups.

  • SMART Advantage
  • SMART A-Team
  • SMART Dream Team
  • PITB Select
  • PITB Transportation

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SMART Advantage

A group that serves “Retail and wholesale stores and professional services such as banks, law firms and related services”.


A group that serves “Construction and related services”.

SMART Dream Team

An invitation-only group that serves “Construction and related services”.

PITB Transportation

A group that serves “Transportation, warehousing, and facilities”.

PITB Select

An invitation-only group that serves “Distillation, chemicals, and food processing”.

Additional Services

Pathway Program

Pathway is Approach’s newest program built to help employers successfully prepare to participate in retro. The services are the same as retro members receive, and allows for a seamless transition into a retro group.

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Professional Claims Management Service

Some employers may not qualify or elect to participate in Retro. Approach offers comprehensive claims management services built to keep premiums low and control claims costs.

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