Meet the safety team.

Annual Safety Visit

Approach offers you access to our friendly, knowledgeable staff who can provide one-on-one safety services during your annual safety visit.

Our safety team can meet you wherever you’d like to focus your efforts, at the office or a job site or your manufacturing plant, to review policies and procedures. This service typically takes no more than an hour and it is a complimentary benefit of your participation in an Approach-managed retro group.

Schedule a Safety Visit

As a member of an Approach-managed retro group, you’ll gain access to our on-staff safety experts who help manage risk and costs to ensure your organization’s optimal success. Our team can assist you with regulatory requirements to prevent expensive citations and more importantly, workplace accidents.

L&I inspection support

If an L&I representative arrives at your workplace, call us. If our safety team is nearby, we’ll dispatch them to represent you during the inspection.

Annual safety visit

Our most popular service. Schedule yours below!

Weekly safety meeting topics

Our second most popular service! Our safety team emails a safety meeting topic called “ToolBox Talks”. Use the ToolBox Talks to talk to your employees about relevant safety hazards.

24/7 crisis hotline

If a catastrophic event occurs at any time (including late nights and weekends), Approach has a 24-hour emergency response dispatch hotline in place that notifies our team to assist.

Post accident investigation

Whether or not a catastrophic event occurs, our team can assist with post accident investigations. This is an excellent resource to prevent similar accidents from happening again.

DOSH/DOT compliance

It’s better to have our safety team identify hazards that need to be corrected rather than DOSH. Let’s us help you make your workplace safer AND prevent possible expensive citations.

Education and training

We provide behavior-based safety culture presentations and training as well as affordable training programs and certifications.

State-required documentation

Our safety team can provide templates and assist with Accident Prevention Plans, Job Hazard Analysis and Accident Response Plans, including emergency response and documentation.

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Please complete this form to request a complimentary Safety Visit for your company. Or, contact us at 360.515.9479 or safetyvisit@approachms.com.

    Please allow 60-90 minutes for most visits