Our innovative claims management program has been developed over more than 25 years — and we’re constantly adapting to the latest changes and incentives available to our employers.

As an Approach client, you have a dedicated Retro Coordinator who is your single point of contact whenever you have questions about workers’ comp. When a claim is filed, your Retro Coordinator follows our proven strategy for reaching closure as quickly as possible.

Our Proven Approach

Safety Visits

Free annual review at your location.

Quick Response

We jump on each claim the moment its filed.


A powerful tool to protect your premiums.

Return To Work

Getting safely back to work ASAP is always the priority.


Keeping up with the latest strategies and industry trends.

The claims process

  1. 1

    Safety and ergonomics

    The best claim is the one that’s never filed. Each client receives a free annual safety visit, plus custom ergonomic check-ups, to reduce the risk of injury and occupational disease.

  2. 2

    Return to work

    Helping an injured worker return to meaningful work as quickly as possible is always the best step. We’ll help you identify appropriate light duty work in coordination with the attending physician.

  3. 3

    Claims management

    You have direct access to your Retro Coordinator, who actively works each claim to keep it moving and on-track. Plus, we send regular updates and analysis so you can make the right decisions for your business along the way.

  4. 4

    Professional services

    With our in-house nursing, vocational, ergonomic, and safety experts, plus IME consults at no extra charge, we specialize in bringing complex claims to a successful resolution.

On staff experts

Nurse case manager

Our full-time, on-site registered nurse can help put medical reports in layman’s terms, review disability ratings and assist with return-to-work.

Our nurse is also there for clients and family in the event of a serious injury or life-threatening emergency.

Stay-at-Work specialist

The Washington Stay-At-Work program is a fantastic way to help injured employees return to work, but who has time to learn all the ins-and-outs of the program? That’s why Approach has a stay-at-work specialist, dedicated to helping our clients file for their reimbursements.

Ergonomic consultations

The Approach ergonomist can visit your location to advise on workstation setup, provide in-depth training, or to train your staff in the basics of ergonomics.

Good ergonomics can help keep your staff healthy and on-the-job, while reducing the chance of Occupational Disease claims.

Vocational services

The costliest claims are often those that go to Vocational Retraining. That’s why we have a vocational specialist on staff to coordinate return-to-work that mitigates further claims costs and returns the worker to a meaningful position.