Keeping equipment and facilities clean helps with maintenance, performance, and aesthetics. Despite the benefits, pressure washers can cause serious injury if not operated correctly. Before using a pressure washer, learn how to properly operate it.

Before Operating

  • Read the manufacturer’s operating manual prior to use.
  • Know how to use and maintain the power washer.
  • Protect yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning by only starting and running a gas-powered unit outside and ensuring proper ventilation during operation.

Wear appropriate personal protective equipment:

    • Safety glasses or goggles or a face shield (with safety glasses or goggles).
    • Enclosed footwear with good traction (preferably waterproof).
    • Hearing protection (gas-powered units).
    • Protective clothing (long pants, waterproof top and bottom)
    • Gloves with good dexterity.

Power Washing Safety Tips

  • Maintain a minimum 6-ft. distance when spraying water around power lines, electrical masts, or outlets.
  • Engage the safety lock on the trigger when you are not washing and turn off when changing nozzle tips.
  • Before uncoupling hoses, stop the machine, turn the water off and squeeze the spray wand trigger to release all water pressure in the system.
  • Remain aware of your surroundings for any changes that may turn hazardous.
  • Do not hold the spray tip closer than 12-inches to a surface.
  • Do not point the pressure washer at people, animals or put any body part in front of the nozzle. The pressurized water stream could penetrate your skin and cause serious injury.
  • Do not use pressure washers while working from ladders or elevated surfaces.

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