Act now to maximize your retro refund potential

On April 3, L&I will take a snapshot of claims expenses for employers in the following retros:

  • PITB Transportation
  • SMART A-Team
  • SMART Dream Team

Washington workers’ comp freeze dates explained

This is known as the Freeze date, when claim costs are “frozen” in a snapshot to calculate retro premium. These costs are used in calculations to determine the amount of the retro refund the Association is eligible for. The fewer open claims and lower claims costs, the higher the chance for a refund.

If you have open claims, you’ll be hearing from your Approach Retro Coordinator to discuss steps we can take to close the claims, such as bringing injured employees back work on a light-duty or permanent modified duty assignment. Doing so will improve the claim status, reduce the costs and hopefully maximize your potential refund!

The retro freeze date happens once a year for all retro programs, but different groups have different freeze dates. If you are in one of the following retro groups, your annual retro freeze date is October 2nd:

  • SMART Advantage
  • PITB Select (formally Elite)
  • PITB Platinum

Getting injured employees back on the job

We have two great tools available to help your injured employees get back on the job. They each come with incentives of $10,000 or more and, best of all, your company might be eligible to use both programs!

  • Bring your worker back to a short-term light-duty position during recovery with the Stay-at-Work Program.
    • 50% wage reimbursements up to 66 days or $10,000
    • Equipment and training reimbursement up to $3,900
  • Offer your worker a permanent light-duty position with the Preferred Worker Program
    • 3 years of premium relief
    • Financial protection against subsequent claims
    • Same reimbursements as the Stay-At-Work Program (up to $10,000 + $3,900)
    • Plus, $10,000 bonus for regular continuous employment after 12 months

Your retro coordinator can help you determine if either program is a match for your injured employee(s), plus help you with the job offer paperwork. Once your employee is back on the job in a qualified light-duty position, we may be able to get some of your future claim costs (known as “case reserves”) reduced — this can lower your claims costs for the Freeze!

No claims? Let’s keep it that way!

If your company doesn’t have any open workers’ comp claims, then you don’t need to do anything in preparation for freeze. This would be a great time to let your employees know that safety is a priority so that we can help avoid any new claims in the future. An injury that never happens is always cheaper than a claim! Remember, as a member of an Approach-managed retro group, you receive an annual complimentary safety visit!
Schedule your visit now at https://approachms.com/resources/forms/safety-visit-request/