How to care for the injured should be part of your Emergency Response Plan. If you must respond to an injured coworker here are some steps to take.

Determine the seriousness of the injury.

If Serious:

  • Contact Emergency Response Team(s).
  • Do not move the injured person.
  • Get First Aid trained personnel assistance; ask them to help.
  • Keep the injured person from standing.
  • In case of bleeding—apply pressure to the wound. Do not use a tourniquet except in cases of excessive bleeding.
  • If the injured person has stopped breathing, get someone who has been trained in CPR to help restore the breathing.
  • Try to keep the injured person warm.

If Non-Serious:

  • Contact the supervisor immediately.
  • Do not try to get the injured person to move if a fall is involved.
  • Get any First Aid treatment that may be needed. Be sure you know the location(s) of the nearest First Aid kit on the job.

Other Items to be Aware of:

Report all injuries (even minor ones may become major ones).

Seek first aid for even minor injuries.

Be sure the emergency telephone numbers, and the location of the nearest cross street are posted in a conspicuous place on the job.

Additional recommendations:

  • Company Emergency Medical Plan (know the location)
  • Who is First Aid/CPR trained on the job?
  • The First Aid kit is kept where?
  • The Supervisory person to contact on all accidents/injuries is?

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