Coronavirus Update for Washington State Employers:

  1. Gov. Inslee announced this morning (Friday, March 6, 2020) that first responders and health care workers are eligible for workers’ comp “during the time they’re quarantined after being exposed to COVID-19 on the job.” 
  2. The Washington state Department of Health has a list of suggestions for employers at: https://www.doh.wa.gov/Coronavirus/Workplace
  3. The Employment Security Department updated its guidance on the COVID-19 Coronavirus yesterday, Thursday, March 5, 2020. Highlights include:
    • Employees are referred to L&I if they contract COVID-19 on the job
    • Paid FMLA can be used for COVID-19 illness once certified by a healthcare provider, as with any other illness
    • Paid FMLA cannot currently be used for quarantine
  1. As of this morning (Friday, March 6, 2020), L&I has not posted any specific statements regarding coronavirus and workers’ comp. The L&I website refers to the Department of Health page linked above.
  2. See our Coronavirus Toolbox Talk, posted February 28, 2020