Proper storage of materials on pallets is crucial to prevent accidents, injuries, and property damage in the workplace. Here are several safety tips for safely storing materials on pallets:

  • Inspect Pallets: Before loading a pallet, inspect it for damage such as broken boards or

protruding nails. Damaged pallets should be repaired before use or taken out of service.

  • Select the Right Pallet: Choose pallets that are appropriate for the size and weight of the

materials they will be holding.

  • Stack Materials Evenly: Distribute the weight of the materials evenly across the pallet to

maintain stability and prevent tipping.

  • Interlock Bagged Materials: Bagged materials should be stacked by stepping back the layers

and cross-keying the bags at least every 10 bags high to prevent sliding, falling or collapse.

  • Avoid Overhang: Do not allow materials to overhang the edges of the pallet, as this can

create an unbalanced load and increase the risk of falling objects.

  • Secure Materials: Use appropriate methods to secure materials to the pallet, such as shrink

wrap, strapping, or banding to prevent shifting or falling during storage or transport.

  • Flat and Level Surface: Place pallets on a flat and level surface to ensure stability and prevent

tipping or sliding.

  • Aisle Clearances: Maintain clear aisles and passageways around pallets for easy access and

safe material handling.

  • Keep Doorways Clear: Never block doorways with pallets or other stored materials, even

temporarily. Emergency exits must always remain free of obstructions.

  • Weight Limitation: Do not exceed the weight capacity of storage shelves or platforms. These

are typically labeled with their weight capacity, and this limit should never be exceeded.

  • Maintain Adequate Overhead Clearance: The minimum vertical clearance between

sprinklers and material stored below shall be 18 inches minimum, to prevent the stored material from interfering with the spray of water from a sprinkler head during a fire.


By following these safety tips, employers and workers can minimize the risks associated with

storing and transporting materials on pallets, promote workplace safety, and prevent accidents.

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