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Free workplace safety visits

Hopefully you already know about our annual safety visits – one of the most valuable services offered by Approach! When you schedule a safety visit, a member of our safety team will conduct a personalized meeting (virtual or in-person) just for your company. This service – worth $1,000 from an independent provider – is free for Approach clients.

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Mock LNI inspections

Did you know? What we cover at the safety visit is up to you!

That’s right. We offer safety visits annually and they can change each time. Many clients ask us to start with a simple review of their safety plan. Next time, they may ask us to walk a job site, office or field location.

Did you know?
What we cover at the safety visit is up to you!

But many clients don’t know that they can request a mock inspection, where our staff will visit your location just as if they were a DOSH inspector conducting an official workplace safety inspection.

Each member of the Approach safety team is an expert in Washington workplace safety, with specialities in construction, agriculture, transportation, manufacturing and general industry, so they know exactly what inspectors would be looking for during an actual inspection.

“We’re on your side. If you invite us to do a mock inspection, we can point out the areas where improvement is needed,” says Julio Salas, safety manager at Approach, “so you can set things right and feel confident your company would do well if there really was a DOSH inspection.”

Preparing for a Mock Inspection

As an Approach client, you’ve already shown dedication to safe working and best practices, but there are three key steps you can take to get ready:

Review your Accident Prevention Program (APP)

Every employer must have an APP and it’s the first thing you’ll be asked for at any inspection. Have a look in advance to make sure it’s up-to-date and reflects all of the types of work done by your company today.

How to update your Washington APP

Check L&I’s list of top citations for last year

DOSH lists out the items that they’ve dinged employers for the most. Take a look and make sure it doesn’t happen to you! There are special lists for employers in construction or agriculture, so check those if they apply to your company.

LNI’s top violations for 2020

Find out what happens during an inspection

If you’ve never had a DOSH inspection, just the idea can be stressful. We took a look at the process last year, so take a look at the workplace inspection process to see what’s involved.

Our mock inspections will follow this format, but of course without any citations or penalties. We are on your side and there to help — your company is our client!

What happens during a workplace safety inspection

How can a safety visit help your Washington state company?

The main benefit to an Approach safety visit at your office or worksite is that it’s proactive, not reactive – we offer a no-cost opportunity to improve your safety practices before an accident or citation.

If you request a Job Hazard Analysis for your safety visit, we can be a second pair of eyes on your workplace and practices, helping to identify new opportunities.

We also bring industry-specific resources, including templates you need for accident prevention and response plans. We also have DOT regulation compliance contacts for the transportation industry.

Request your safety visit today

When you invite Approach to conduct a safety visit or mock inspection, you’re taking a proactive, no-cost step to improve safety and lower costs for your company. Don’t wait for an accident or inspection to happen first!

Use our Safety Visit Request Form to schedule a visit or mock inspection. Or, contact us at 800.626.0846 or safetyvisit@approachms.com.

Don’t wait, schedule your safety visit today!

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